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Constitutional Conservative Running for Open House Seat to Stop Common Core, Limit Government Reach

JENKS, OK – Chuck Strohm, a 25 year Engineer, small business owner and Constitutional Conservative Republican, is already out knocking doors and earning votes in the House District 69 race to replace vacating State Representative Fred Jordan.

Chuck Strohm and his wife Angela are longtime members of the Jenks community. Chuck graduated from ORU in 1988 while Angela attended ORU from 1989-90. Angela, a second-generation educator, serves as a substitute teacher. Two daughters, both of whom were students of Jenks Public Schools, have entered the medical field, with one working on her residency at Cleveland Clinic, while the second just completed her second year at OU Medical School. Their son is currently a Sophomore at Jenks High School, and their youngest daughter attends the third grade at Victory Christian School. The family has been longtime members of Church on the Move in Tulsa.

Strohm has served on both the Bond Oversight Committee for Jenks (current Chair), and the Jenks Planning Commission (current Vice-Chair) for the past several years. Activities on the board allowed Strohm to put his engineering and problem solving skills to work, but also revealed first-hand the struggles that municipalities face because of federal and state overregulation.

“Everywhere we turn, the overreach of the federal government and its bureaucracies have put a stranglehold on innovation and economic growth. From red tape to inefficient models, government intervention of the market adds cost and places obstacles in the path of bringing ideas to fruition.” Strohm continued “As an engineer my mindset is to be a problem solver while implementing policies that limit government because I recognize that the economy grows when government gets out of the way.”

As a constitutional conservative Strohm adheres to the principle “that government is best which governs least” meaning that he believes that we must reduce the size, scope and hold that government has on the people and allow for local control on issues such as education. Strohm will fight adamantly against the nationalization of education through curriculum like Common Core. Strohm has also pledged to protect our state sovereignty from federal overreach on issues such as gun control and the Affordable Care Act also known as ‘Obamacare’.

Strohm has been a faithful member of the Republican party, serving as a Precinct Chair for the past four years. Strohm stated, “I am active in the party, and am now running as a candidate on the Republican ticket because I believe that the principles of limited government, reducing the tax burden on the individual, the protection of life, religious freedom, and the liberties guaranteed and protected by the Constitution must be nurtured for our children and community to thrive.”

The open seat election will be determined in the Republican Primary, on June 24th. For more information on Chuck Strohm, please visit his website at


TULSA, OK – Earlier this week the entire board of Restore Oklahoma Public Education endorsed Chuck Strohm in the August 26th runoff election.  R.O.P.E. is the grassroots organization that lead the charge to stop Common Core in Oklahoma.

“Jenni White, Joy Collins and Lynn Habluetzel of Restore Oklahoma Public Education are pleased to announce our individual endorsements for Chuck Strohm, candidate for House District 69.  We know what it takes to get education reform bills through the House and Senate. We believe Chuck Strohm will not only be a strong advocate for local control and decision making in terms of education, but will also work with conservative groups and activists to see that Oklahoma is on the right path to restoring education. Chuck Strohm not only supports parental rights in education but understands this to be the foundational tenet of education reform.  If you live in the Jenks, Bixby, or the South Tulsa area, we urge you to vote for Chuck Strohm on Tuesday, August 26th!”

“I am honored to receive this support from the education community. Without Restore Oklahoma Public Education, we may have never been able to stop Common Core in Oklahoma. I look forward to working with them and other grassroots conservative organizations in restoring education standards and expanding school choice in Oklahoma. “

Strohm continued, “We have a long road ahead of us, so the status quo will no longer suffice. We need to bring a new perspective on how we look at the issues we face as a state to Oklahoma City. I am willing and able to serve in that capacity and would be honored to receive the support of the residents of House District 69 on Tuesday, August 26th.”

Strohm came out of the June 24th Republican Primary with 31% of the vote in a three-person race, but ended the night in a runoff race against Melissa Abdo. You can find more information about the candidates running for House District 69 on our 2014 Elections page.

The open seat election will be determined in the Republican Runoff Primary, on August 26th. For more information on Chuck Strohm, please visit his website at

 Chuck Strohm (R)

Conservative Leaders in the House and Senate Endorse Chuck Strohm for House District 69

 TULSA, OK – State Sen. Nathan Dahm who has lead the charge in the Senate for conservative values, even taking on national television personality Piers Morgan, has endorsed Chuck Strohm (R) for House District 69.

“The quote, “Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty” defines a very real qualification necessary for Oklahoma lawmakers. During this past four month session, over 2,000 pieces of legislation were introduced in hopes of becoming law in our great state,” Dahm, Broken Arrow-33 (R) said. “Chuck Strohm brings a skill set and a level of discernment needed at the State Capitol – from his strong work ethic both within our party as a member of the Tulsa GOP Executive Committee, to his service on the Jenks Planning Commission and Bond Oversight Committees, to over 25 years as an Engineer. It’s important to point out that he would be the only engineer in the House of Representatives!”

Dahm continued, “Most importantly, I need Chuck Strohm with me at the State Capitol because his constitutional compass is pointed in the right direction and does not move from side to side depending on prevailing winds. His decisions are made based upon the following simple criteria: is it Constitutional, is it consistent with our Christian principles, and does it advance the cause of liberty as our founders intended. I endorse Chuck Strohm because I believe he will give due diligence to advancing our cause of liberty and I urge the people of House District 69 to elect Chuck Strohm on June 24th. Our state and his district will be the better for it!”

 Conservative Republican leader state Rep. Mike Ritze, D.O., M.F.S.A., has also weighed into the House District 69 race by endorsing Strohm.

 “On June 24th the voters of Oklahoma will select a replacement for Fred Jordan in House District 69. With such a short time to the GOP primary election, which will determine the final outcome of the race, only one candidate stands out as a true Constitutional Conservative. While another candidate in the race endorsed Kathy Taylor, and yet another backs a lawsuit against providing opportunity for special needs children to attend schools who can best suit their needs, I am confident that Chuck Strohm has the character, the understanding of core constitutional values and the will to stand up and fight alongside me to recognize dangers to our freedom, to defend against federal overreach, and promote a climate and policies that encourage innovation and opportunities for small business and local communities to become more prosperous, and our state freer as our Constitution is upheld as the measure of accountability,” Dr. Ritze, Broken Arrow-80 (R) said.

Dr. Ritze continued, “Chuck is a strong pro-life advocate who will help me fight for the rights of the unborn because we both believe the right to life is from God and cannot be infringed upon. Chuck’s involvement in the Planning Commission, Bond Oversight Committee, lifelong involvement with church, and belief that our rights come from God, and not government make me confident that he will be an ally in the House. Chuck is an engineer, and we need his careful scrutiny, experience as a small business owner, and the wisdom of years to forward good legislation, and to stop legislation that will hinder the people of Oklahoma’s opportunities for personal success. He has been faithful to the party since he received the right to vote, working as a precinct chair and helping to get great conservative Republicans elected who further the principles of the Constitution.”

Strohm was enthralled by the enthusiastic endorsements stating, “To gain the support of conservative leaders such as Senator Dahm and Dr. Ritze is an honor to say the least. They have both been fighting for constitutional conservative principles for some time now and I look forward to joining the fight in the halls of Oklahoma City with them!”

Chuck Strohm Officially Files

for State House District 69

 April 10, 2014 10:21 pm by: Category: Politics 

Chuck Strohm (R)

Strohm (R) detailed, “Because I can think of no place I’d rather live, I want my children and grandchildren to experience the same freedoms, community, and core values I’ve enjoyed over so many years. That is why I am running.”


District 69 follows both banks of the Arkansas River, including the communities of Bixby and Jenks.

Strohm continued, “I want to see higher pay for teachers, lower taxes, and less government regulation so families and businesses can decide how to best spend their hard earned dollars, because more money in the hands of Oklahomans means more money spent at local businesses.”

Both Chuck and wife, Angela, are graduates of Leadership Jenks, and Chuck serves as Chairman of the Jenks Bond Oversight Committee and Vice-Chair of the Jenks Planning Commission. The Strohm family are members of the Church on the Move in Glenpool.

For more information, please visit